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Steve Yeoman

I am a web generalist and enthusiast, and am very good at helping people understand what the web can do for them and how. I've been involved with the web since 1994, designing, developing and, for the last seven years, managing and teaching a Diploma of Web Development in Auckland at Yoobee School of Design.

From responsive front end design and UX development to CodeIgniter in the back end, I can handle any web job that comes my way, and I specialize in in-house upskilling, where I work with your team on real projects, eventually teaching my way out of a job because your workers become so proficient.

In the past I was Sales and Marketing Manager for HarperCollins Publishers, and I have run my own small businesses.

I attended Aneventapart Conference on Mobile Web in Boston, USA in July 2012

Webstock, Wellington 2008

I am a participating member of the NZPHPUG, StackOverflow and WordPress User groups, and keep up to date by following several online magazines and twitter feeds.

Specialties: As well as coding, I am an experienced teacher, manager and administrator. I have a wide understanding of all things web, with a background in business

what I do


Front end development ****
HTML5/CSS3/JS ( incl Jquery )

Server side ****
PHP, MySQL, ( CodeIgniter preferred )

SEO ****
Search Engine Friendliness
Google employs 40,000 genuises who know how to keep a secret, and they are onto every scheme and scam designed to fool them. I know how to play by the rules to make their job a lot easier and more accurate, maximising your chances of a good ranking.

Beyond this it's a marketing job, and there are plenty of good PPC companies who will spend your money wisely on getting paid placements in Google searches

Wordpress ***
Customization, security and SEO


I am currently employed by Yoobee School of Design, a private tertiary institution, where I develop the curriculum for the Diploma in Web Development (NZQA Level6). This is by far the best web dev course in NZ and, I suspect, the world.

Upskill without leaving work
No-one has the time to learn new skills when the pressure is on all the time. I will work alongside your team and leave them with knowledge (and some code).

Web site hosting

It's very good practice to separate domain name registration and hosting. Companies change over time, and it's a lot easier to swap from one to another if you keep these functions separate.

Host your own site

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I've used Hostgator for years. They're easy to deal with, help is available 24/7, you can start with a small account and when you upgrade they will handle all the account swapping hassles. They recently upgraded my server from PHP5.3.8 to 5.4 and tested every site rigorously so I didn't have to worry about anything. And they provide cPanel which makes life very easy

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Register your .com domain name with Namecheap

Why Namecheap? Because they're reliable, cheap and, so far, have not spammed me nor have they passed on my address to other spammers, unlike Godaddy which I used to recommend.

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my play area

Experiments and research

A few examples of recent research projects

  • Responsive/adaptive image gallery

    This is very much a work in progress. It is an attempt to deliver the best images for each screen size, and to then show them in a fluid display. This should ensure that the lowest file size is being delivered at all times
    View it here
    1. Uploaded images are stored as thumbnails for an average size screen.
    2. The first page is loaded with images for this averages page
    3. An ajax call starts the process of determining the "client state", currently only taking into account the width of the screen, but soon to take internet speed and other factors into account
    4. A new set of thumbnails and full size images are then produced (if not already cached) and delivered to the client
    Shrink the screen on your desktop browser and refresh.
  • A no-Javascript responsive image slider

    I'm obsessive about page speed, and if it were up to me there would be no images anywhere on the web, so it's just as well there are other people making design decisions around me. However, those people need to learn how to deliver minimal file sizes and use sprites whenever possible because 70% of the world's bandwidth is occupied with sending their stupid decorations which, even if they make pages attractive, slow things down to a crawl.

    This won't work on IE8 (what does) but I don't care. Read about it on my blog , and help yourself to the source code. When you improve it, let me know please, because there's a lot more to be done on it yet.
  • Pixels cf ems

    There's a lot of debate about the whole mobile-first, content-focused web these days, and we're all moving away from pixel based sites in much the same way as we progressed beyond table-based layouts in the 90s - kicking and screaming and reluctantly for the most part.

    This is a simple demo of the difference between pixels, ems and rems where you can enter your own dimensions to compare and contrast. Using it I found out that my own favorite breakpoint of 30em should really be 20em for my Samsung S2 - not that it matters because the more responsive design I do, the less I need break points anyway. Roll on Flexgrid, I say...


Recent jobs

Confidentiality is extremely important, so no client details will ever be revealed here.

  • Multi-national real estate franchise

    Compare their site to others operating in New Zealand and advise on improvements to gain referrals, retain existing customer base and improve relationships with franchisees
  • South Pacific island resort

    Wordpress site was hosted in Europe and not maintained. Advised and assisted them to move their hosting to a much cheaper and more accessible service, and helped select new local maintenance person
  • Auckland based vehicle repair service

    Advised, planned and contracted a new web app to focus on road side rescue using mobile devices.
  • Agricultural equipment supplier

    Advised on re-design of existing site
  • Bicycle manufacturer and distributor

    The company has 10 - 20 small sites in addition to the overall company sites and needs to shift the focus to promote sales and recognition for their franchises.
  • Web strategy

    From 2009 - 2012 there was a design studio attached to the college I work at> I deveoped stategies for all the web site work to ensure a wide ranging client base received effective web presences.



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